Custom Packaging Solutions

Protecting fragile, unique and high-value items with custom packaging is Craters & Freighters Tampa's specialty.  When your item requires more than just a standard box to protect it during shipping, that’s where we come in.  We are different from traditional shipping companies because we package your items based on their specific needs. 

Our packaging professionals use the latest packing technologies to ensure your items reach their final destination safely.  With over two decades of experience, we are the single source packaging, crating and shipping company for every industry and consumers needing expert care.


Specialized Cushioning

Craters & Freighters Tampa uses several different types of cushioning to prep our containers for shipping including, polyurethane, polyether and polystyrene foams. Many of our locations are using the latest technology in eco-friendly cushioning products including recycled cardboard materials.

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Product Specific Packaging

Any equipment or machinery needs special handling and packaging. With our vast experience in custom packaging large, fragile, valuable items, we have the right tools, techniques, materials, and guidelines to pack and ship any equipment and machinery. Our goal and expertise lies in ensuring that your equipment arrive in the same condition as when it left your door.

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Vapor Barrier

Vapor barrier is foil material that resists diffusion of moisture, water vapor and other airborne contaminants. It’s used in many different industries as a damp-proofing layer to protect many different types of assets.

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Mil Spec Packaging

Craters & Freighters of Tampa is proud to serve the Federal, State and Local governments, providing mil spec packaging services for all three types of government agencies. In addition, Craters & Freighters of Tampa also provides military spec packaging services for military contractors and all branches of the military. This includes the Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

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Heat Shrink Packaging

Craters & Freighters of Tampa - Just Shrink It, provides expert heat shrink wrap services for assets that need short term or long term storage. Our proven techniques will ensure that items being stored will be protected against the elements and unwrap damage-free.

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Craters & Freighters Tampa will pack your valuable electronics using electro-static discharge (ESD) or anti-static packaging. Many electronic devices such as computer chips and circuit boards can become seriously damaged by electrical discharges caused by improper packaging.

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