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Packing & Crating Outsource Solutions for Businesses

Did you ever consider saving your cash for your operations, and leave the packing and shipping to the professionals? Craters & Freighters of Tampa is ready to serve your Tampa - St. Petersburg area company with a unique packing and shipping outsource option. Do you really need a full-time staff including the necessary tools, equipment, and building supplies when you can have a local professional source that will perform these services only when you need them? Leave the custom crate building, short term storage, packaging, fulfillment, and affordable shipping services to us.

Want to explore this option? Call Today at 877.448.7447 or email at: tampa@cratersandfreighters.com


Craters & Freighters of Tampa is trained to build custom boxes, crates or pallets for any size products you need to ship. Whether it is made of stainless steel or fragile glass, we are equipped and trained to offer affordable custom packaging, crating, and shipping, with on-time deliveries. With approximately 70 locations serving most of the major metropolitan areas throughout the USA, we are prepared to negotiate a very affordable dedicated packaging and shipping solution for your small to medium size company. Not only will we work hard to save you time, overhead, and money, we will assure reduction in your damage claims even with your most fragile items.

Not only are we experienced in arranging local & domestic shipment, we are very familiar with the requirements of international shipments. We can help you expand your business to the globe without you sorting through the ever changing rules for shipping to different parts of the international market place. If you are more comfortable packing your own goods, allow us to discuss a proposal to build your custom crates that are built to specifications that will be accepted in international markets. Call us when you need them and we will build them to order. On- Site Crating Available

Every manager has been charged with the goal of conserving cash. Why not explore this option to outsource your packaging, crating, and shipping needs to the professionals?


Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters Tampa by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!

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